Faris Nourallah

” Spontaneous, joyous, filled with imperfections and mistakes. Played once and never played again. Perfect little moments captured instantly with sound as the canvas. One microphone, me, and a room with a 16 track recorder.” /Faris Nourallah, 2019

”Do you like mysteries as much as you like music? Then we have just the surprise for you. Faris Nourallah works in mysterious ways. The songs he records are just for the moment ….. and while you can relive that moment by listening to the recordings, the moment cannot be created again: therefore Faris Nourallah does not perform the songs live. All the more reason to listen to “Minus One” and to help spread the word so others can discover his “magical music moments”! //Continental Record Services

Eight years since the last release, release of the 9th solo album. ”Minus One” contains 14 out of 30 unreleased songs. The remaining songs are planned to be released in the future. These songs, sent by e-mail (2004–2005) to the founder of RuthRecords have been preserved in a “basement.” Rediscovered for 2018. 


The 1st solo album came to be called “I Love Faris” and was released in 2003 on the indie USA label Western Vinyl. Critics was immediately hit by his ability to put down songs of disarming beauty as the ones included in ”I Love Faris”, the debut solo album. The stone was thrown in the open water and the waves started to spread.

Then there was time for ”Problematico”, which was also received with great reviews. With the 3rd album, ”King Of Sweden”, Faris’ name landed strongly in Europe too, where his music became sort of a must for the indie lovers. Critic points at Faris as one of the smartest songwriters around, comparing him to the likes of Ray Davis, John Lennon and Plush, and his records’ feeling to literary milestones like ”Catcher In The Rye”.

The myth creeps more and more, but mainly, people loves Faris. People declared the man and his music to be precious jewels to take care of. So, how can one possibly reach such a status without ever playing in public? How can it be possible to have a European label like Green UFO’s releasing a best of? How can it be possible to not love Faris’ songs?.

Born out of Michigan in the winter of 1969, Faris Nourallah moved as a child with his family to Texas, the Lone Star State. He grew up listening the likes of Clash, Beatles and Elvis Costello, and soon he’s involved in playing music in a band. Started writing songs in 1999 and building up his own studio in Groveland, Dallas. All albums played, recorded and mixed all by himself. Using a Yamaha aw 4416.

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